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E-Marketers Grow Your Custom Email List with New Online Service

New Haven, CT - July 26, 2000 - CustomLead (, the first and only Cost per Email (CPE) banner network, today announced the launch of its new service giving advertisers the ability to build and own custom email lists. Through CustomLead's proprietary banners, lead generating technology and network of strategic partner Web sites, marketers are no longer required to rent email lists from third party sources. CustomLead offers businesses the ability to create exclusive lists by targeting messages to buyers who opt-in and have shown an interest in an advertiser's goods or services.

"CustomLead's Cost Per Email service gives advertisers an incredible opportunity to reach new buyers," says Abbie Drew, President of CustomLead. "A media buyer who wants to target a specific audience can visit CustomLead, easily set-up his targeted message and the service will solicit prospects and collect the email addresses of interested online buyers."

CustomLead's CPE banner network offers a unique form of permission marketing that delivers more reliable results at a significant cost savings over traditional opt-in email services. According to a recent Forrester Research study, the demand for email-marketing services will explode to create a $4.8 billion industry by 2003, of which $1.6 billion will be spent on the acquisition of new customers. As the first company to enter this niche market, CustomLead redefines how e-marketers will evaluate and measure online lead-generating tools.

About CustomLead

New Haven, Connecticut based CustomLead is a division of Direct E-Mail Company, a privately held corporation. CustomLead is the first and only cost per email banner network that builds custom targeted opt-in email lists. The service uses permission marketing to help advertisers attract buyers and provides Web site owners with an additional revenue stream by querying visitors without sacrificing their site's traffic.

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