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CustomLead is a cost-per-lead network. We guarantee you'll pay only for confirmed opt-in leads.

CustomLead finds prospects interested in your specific offer for as little as $.50 per lead. Our Qualified Lead option delivers your offer to a diversified audience on co-registration forms at CustomLead partner sites. A customized list is created for you at a great price. Plus you only pay for confirmed, interested leads.

Receive a 30% discount for all ad buys over $5,000.


Response can soar when your message is targeted to just the right people. By selecting the CustomLead Geographic Targeted Lead option your offer will be delivered to only individuals who register as being located in your selected country or states.

It costs only $.25 more to target your offer. You can specify individuals from a single country or target up-to 3 states. Choose the CustomLead Geographic Targeted Leads option and pay just $.75 per lead. You'll build a highly targeted in-house list that delivers powerful results for your business.

The Confirmation Technique

We use a reliable system to insure each and every lead you receive is an opt-in lead.

Here's How It Works

First, you provide us with a short descriptive ad about your offer. We then display your ad offer to prospects who have just registered at one of our network's members only sites.

Individuals interested in your offer, have to check off that they would like further information and then submit their request. Moments later the registered user receives a confirmation email from the member's site confirming their sign-up. Only then does CustomLead consider the lead verified as an opt-in lead ready to be added to your daily report.

Campaign Manager

CustomLead provides you with a unique Account Administration for managing your lead campaign.

Up to the minute statistics keep you informed of your results. You also have the control to intelligently modify your campaign as needed.

Use your CustomLead Account Administration to:

  • Edit account information
  • Buy more opt-in leads
  • Compare your results to previous months
  • Edit your ad description
  • Request an email containing all addresses collected

Text Message Specifications

Your ad can have a 5 word title along with a message up to 15 words in length. Plus, you can supply us with a full 100 word description giving more details about your offer so interested prospects can learn more.

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