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Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about buying opt-in email leads with CustomLead.

How quickly do you send opt-in leads to me?

As soon as your text message is approved for distribution. Typically within 1-2 business days of placing your order CustomLead approves your text message and sends it out across the network. Most advertisers see their first set of opt-in leads the next day.


Do you have a minimum purchase?

In our CustomLead Quick Buy Online Store we offer easy order options for purchases between $50 and $725.


How will you show my offer?

Your offer will be shown with no more than 5 other ads - labeled under a heading of "Special Free Information For You" - on a large, diverse number of web sites in our co-registration network. (The majority of traffic is from visitors to any of the 15,000+ sites which use the autoresponder form services provided by

Visitors to those sites who wish to sign-up for any of the promotions listed, have to click a checkbox for each list they're interested in and click a button to submit the form.


Is it possible to target a specific country?

Yes! The CustomLead networks offers you the ability to target a country. When you select to target your offer by geographic region, it is delivered only to those individuals who register as being located in your selected country.


Who creates the text message which is shown?

You write and control the text message which is displayed on the co-registration forms. We can, however, provide a free optional ad critique to help you generate maximum response to your offer.

Your message can have a 5 word title and then a description of up to 15 words. In addition, at your option, you can supply a full 100 word ad with details about your offer to give interested prospects more information.


How do I receive my opt in email leads?

Each night you will be sent an email update which lists out the opt in email leads who signed-up for your offer that day. The email address you've listed as your contact address in your Account Administration will receive these updates. Should you lose your leads you can always log-in to your Account Administration and request your leads be emailed to you again.


How can I automatically import leads into my list at SendFree or my list host?

After you place your order simply supply us with your SendFree autoresponder address or the subscribe email address of your list host. We'll input the address into the CustomLead system and subscribe your leads directly to your list.

CustomLead is fully integrated with SendFree. This means your leads acquired through CustomLead are automatically entered into your SendFree account, without the need to double confirm!


What information is included with each lead?

Each qualified opt in email lead provides you with the email address of the lead and as a free bonus the prospect's first name. Our geographic targeted opt in email lead in addition to the email address, includes as a free bonus the prospect's full name, postal mailing address and phone number.


How much do I pay for each opt-in email lead?

CustomLead can collect 2 types of opt in email leads for you. Qualified opt in email leads cultivated by having your ad offer distributed to all individuals registering at any one of our network's sites start at $.50 per lead.

Geographic targeted opt in email leads cultivated by having your ad offer targeted to those individuals in a specific geographic region are just $.25 more per lead.


Tell me about the quality of the opt in email leads?

Quality is more important than quantity with the email leads we deliver. We've made quality a main priority as we believe this makes satisfied customers who place repeat orders.

We've programmed our filters to eliminate duplicate addresses and we automatically include 2% extra subscribers with each order for no additional charge. Plus if you are unable to email the lead at the address supplied, we'll replace that lead free of charge! (So unlike other lead services, you do not pay for invalid email addresses from CustomLead!)

Further, you supply the ad copy CustomLead uses to collect your leads. The more focused and exact you make your copy the better targeted your email leads will be. (We can provide a free optional ad critique to help you improve your response.)

Every opt in email lead your receive is fresh as we build a list for each advertiser from scratch. Unlike generic bulk lead lists that are sold over and over again.

Lastly, no incentives are used to "encourage" people to sign up as this would dilute lead quality. And no checkboxes on the CustomLead forms are pre-selected. Instead, users have to click a checkbox in order to ask to receive more information about each offer they're interested in.


Can I change my ad offer?

Yes, you can update your ad offer at any time during your campaign in your account area.


Can I run different offers simultaneously?

Each campaign you purchase enables you to have a single ad offer distributed. You can update your single message to a new message at any time during your campaign. If you wish to have two or more ad offers being distributed together please purchase multiple campaigns.


How long will my ad run?

Your offer will run for as long as it takes to deliver every single opt in email lead you ordered.

How tightly you focus your opt in lead requirements will alter the time-frame in which your order is fufilled. Offers with a broad focus and wide appeal will have their orders completed sooner than offers with a narrow focus and strict geographic targeting.

Our cost-per-email model will deliver as many impressions as necessary to fulfill your order - you pay only for results.


Can I promote any type of offer through CustomLead?

No. Offers that appears offensive or inappropriate will be rejected. Specific examples include:

1) Offers which infringe and/or violate any applicable laws.
2) Offers which encourage illegal action or racism.
3) Offers promoting any materials, products or services related to pornography.
4) Offers which promote services or software relating to spam or unsolicited bulk email.


Could this be considered SPAM?

No! "Spam" is unsolicited commercial email, sent to people who never asked for your information. The leads you receive, registered and specifically requested more information about your offer. They are true "opt-in" email leads.


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