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Who Else Wants Hundreds of Targeted
Opt-in Email Leads?

Normally it takes a ton of time, money and experience to build up a massive list of eager buyers who shell out cash everytime you hit the send button.

Until now that is .....

Dear Internet Friend,

Please pay attention because right here, right now I am going to reveal an Internet "secret" that allows top marketing pros to build email lists packed with hundreds of targeted names!

You may have been laboring in vain with search engine positioning, pay per click keywords, distributing articles and other traffic generators. There is a much easier and cost effective way to build your list -- co-registration leads where you control the offer. And you can get started building your own list today.

I'm not talking about purchasing generic lead lists. Generic co-registration leads are as useless and worthless as a CD filled with harvested addresses. Leave those leads to the newbies and spammers.

Co-registration where you control the offer is how many famous Internet marketing gurus build their huge profit generating lists. How do I know? I am one. My name is Abbie Drew and I edit DEMC - one of the oldest email marketing publications online. I've made my living exclusively online with email marketing since 1995. CustomLead is my biggest weapon and I'm proud to have created it.

My CustomLead system can automatically add targeted opt-in email subscribers to your mailing lists, newsletters, ezines and autoresponders. And you won't have to lift a finger - no active advertising, no checking search engine positions, no tedious boring manual labor.

It's email list building on auto-pilot.

In fact with no effort on your part at all I'll fill your autoresponder with pre-qualified leads. By pre-qualified I mean people who have specifically requested more information on your offer. Now is the time for you to act on this.

But why should you choose CustomLead?
Here are 10 reasons.

1) Get Highly Targeted Leads Only
Most other "pay-per-lead" services on the Net sell you email addresses of people who didn't subscribe to your specific mailing list. The response rate of these addresses is next to nothing. CustomLead is different. Your CustomLead leads always opt-in to your specific offer, not some general category of interest.

2) CustomLead is Fast
CustomLead has exclusive access to a permission network of about 15,000 members. That means you can receive a constant stream of targeted, new subscribers every day.

3) CustomLead is Reasonably Priced
CustomLeads affordable packages start at just $30! Simply decide how many subscribers you'd like added to your list. We'll take over and do the rest.

4) Subscribers Get Instantly Added To Your List
Whether you are a SendFree member or use another list host, CustomLead automatically and instantly adds leads to your list with no effort on your part.

5) Target Your Leads Geographically
Would you like your subscribers to come from only certain countries? CustomLead can deliver! Just tell us where you want your leads to come from and we'll make it happen.

6) Receive Subscribers Name as a Free Bonus!
Studies online suggest that personalization can increase response rates from your leads by as much as 140%. With CustomLead you'll receive subscribers names as a free bonus. And leads targeted by geography include names as well as postal mailing address and phone number all as a free bonus!

7) No Need To Worry About Undeliverables or Duplicates
Your business is too important to deal with anything but fresh, unique revenue generating leads. So our sophisticated filters largely remove both duplicate email addresses and undeliverables. But because nothing is 100% foolproof I over compensate by giving you 2% extra subscribers automatically!

8) Avoid The Double Opt-In Requirement
As you probably know all email addresses imported into SendFree must first be confirmed by a double opt-in process. But CustomLead is a part of the SendFree network and therefore is not subject to this requirement. Your subscribers are automatically added into your SendFree account with no confirmation required!

9) Free Unlimited Customer Support
The system of building your list with CustomLead is tried and true. However, if you ever have a question or concern we're here for you. Simply email or call - our address and phone are listed on the Contact Us page of this website.

10) Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I bear 100% of the risk. That's how confident I am you'll be thrilled with the quality of your new leads. If not, you're covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Let's be honest. No one can guarantee how much money you'll make as a result of taking advantage of the proven CustomLead system. How well you do converting prospects into profits is up to you.

I can guarantee this. CustomLead offers an easy, cost-effective way to build your list with pre-qualified, targeted leads you can market to. Period.

I tested the CustomLead system myself before making it available to the public. As a result my list of DEMC readers is on pace to grow by over 23,000 opt-in subscribers!

Imagine the extra profits and satisfaction you'll realize by reaching hundreds or thousands of additional opt-in subscribers you might otherwise miss. Let CustomLead remove the guesswork from the single biggest barrier to success in online marketing - generating high quality leads in a low cost, systematic way.

Act now to quickly add dozens of targeted opt-in email subscribers to your list.

To Your Success,

Abbie Drew

P.S. Still not convinced?

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Great Internet marketers will tell you - opt-in email marketing is the #1 method responsible for their success. As you've heard, CustomLead is a low cost, fast way to ramp up your own email marketing. Place your order today.

And remember, CustomLead is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Act now and watch pre-interested leads grow your email list.


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